July 17, 2024

Governor DeWine Celebrates Growth of OhioRISE as Program Reaches Two-Year Anniversary


  • OhioRISE (Resilience through Integrated Systems and Excellence) is a specialized managed care program from Ohio Medicaid for youth with complex behavioral health and multisystem needs.
  • OhioRISE collaborates with 18 regional Care Management Entities through Aetna Better Health of Ohio, offering personalized case management for every patient.
  • Since its launch two years ago, OhioRISE significantly increased the number of children and youth served, expanded its network across the state, and continues to add available services.
  • OhioRISE grew from 5,500 children enrolled on day 1 to 35,250 children and youth served today.
  • 800 new care coordinators have been added in all 88 Ohio counties since inception.

Press Release

Governor DeWine Celebrates Growth of OhioRISE as Program Reaches Two-Year Anniversary

Program has expanded to serve six times more children than it did at its launch — providing mental and behavioral health supports to younger Ohioans and their families

COLUMBUS, Ohio — (July 17, 2024)

More Ohio children than ever are being supported through a program that coordinates community resources to provide the best possible care for kids facing complex mental and behavioral health needs.

July marks two years since Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine launched OhioRISE, and the specialized managed care program is making major strides in supporting more youth and families in need. In that time, OhioRISE has increased its capacity to serve over six times more children than it did on day one, expanded its network across the state, and continues to add new types of available services and supports.

“More of our children who are facing serious challenges in their lives are thriving and their families are staying together thanks to the support of OhioRISE,” said Gov. DeWine. “This program is another example of our commitment in Ohio to ensuring all children have the resources they need to reach their full potential. We celebrate the tremendous progress OhioRISE has made in two years, and we look forward to even more growth in the years ahead.”

OhioRISE Growth — By the Numbers

  • Grew from 5,500 children enrolled on day one to 35,250 children and youth served today.
  • Serves more than 3,000 kids in foster care.
  • Added 800 new care coordinators in all 88 Ohio counties since inception.
  • Employs nearly 4,000 program eligibility assessors.

OhioRISE is a cornerstone of Gov. DeWine’s Children’s Initiative. It is led by the Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM), with support from various state agencies that make up the governor’s Family and Children First Cabinet Council.

The OhioRISE program was built to address longstanding gaps in care and coordination that often result in families having to navigate complex, often siloed systems on their own.

OhioRISE collaborates with 18 regional Care Management Entities (CMEs) through Aetna Better Health of Ohio. Individual care coordinators serve as community-based experts in navigating care options, offering personalized case management for every child to better meet their emotional, behavioral and physical needs.

OhioRISE covers the mental and behavioral health and substance use disorder services covered by Ohio Medicaid. The program also covers additional services, including intense home family treatment, mobile response services and psychiatric residential treatment facilities.

Before OhioRISE, one of the largest challenges faced by families was keeping children with complex behavioral health needs within their communities. Overwhelmed with the financial and emotional costs, some parents and caregivers faced the difficult reality of giving up custody of their child or sending them to treatment programs out of state.

“Families shouldn’t suffer in silence. Ohio’s collaborative approach ensures various care partners, from doctors to caseworkers to teachers, work together to address the unique needs of each child, ensuring they receive the right care, at the right time and closer to where they live,” Director Corcoran said. “Together, we are building capacity, working with communities, developing services that aren’t cookie cutter but are able to meet the needs of each child, from Vinton County to Toledo.”

Success Stories

The success of OhioRISE goes beyond statistics. Participants often report real-life stories of happier, healthier kids and stronger families after becoming involved with the program.

One example is Mason, a nonverbal child with autism who has been a part of the OhioRISE family for two years. His father, Chris, says he’s seen great improvement thanks to the coordinated care and resources his son has received. Mason is more self-sufficient, he is learning how to cope with his emotions, and his progress has been an inspiration to his loved ones.

“Mason used to be angry and mad going into school, now he looks forward to it,” Chris said. “He laughs more, he’s learning how to do things on his own, and that would not have happened if we didn’t get this kind of help. His improvement motivates me and keeps our family going.”

How OhioRISE Works

  • Children and youth ages 0-20, who are eligible for Medicaid, may qualify.
  • Families interested in OhioRISE receive an assessment from their local CME.
  • Once confirmed as eligible for the program, families are assigned a care coordinator.
  • Care coordinators will assist with the following:
    • Creating a support team around the child and family.
    • Developing a care plan that meets the needs of the child across child-serving systems.
    • Helping the child and family access services and resources.
    • Coordinating with other providers and entities, reducing the number of meetings and appointments caregivers must juggle and attend.

Program Expansion

Since the program’s launch, ODM has also worked to add new services and programs, expanding care options for those participating in OhioRISE. This includes:

  • Mobile Response and Stabilization Services (MRSS) — A rapid mobile response and stabilization service for young people who are experiencing significant behavioral or emotional distress, MRSS is now available in 45 counties and OhioRISE partner agencies are working to expand access statewide.
    • Gov. DeWine announced plans to expand MRSS statewide in his 2024 State of the State Address. Click here to read more.
  • Intensive Home-Based Treatment — ODM has invested $10 million to expand access to stabilizing in-home behavioral health treatment services to 59 counties across Ohio.
  • Behavioral Health Respite — Over 150 organizations have enrolled to provide short-term relief to caregivers in home- and community-based settings, with more being added every day.
  • Primary Flex Funds — Over 10,000 OhioRISE participants have accessed the Flex Funds service, which provides funding for goods and supports needed for young people to succeed in therapy, school and/or social interactions.
  • Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities — In the past year, OhioRISE launched its first two in-state Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities. This was previously only accessible out of state. OhioRISE is now able to provide access to this type of treatment for the most intensive level of care much closer to home, and more facilities are planned for the years ahead.

Families interested in learning about eligibility should contact the Aetna OhioRISE Member Hotline at 833-711-0773 and can read more about the program on ODM’s website.

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About OhioRISE

OhioRISE is a cornerstone of Gov. DeWine’s Children’s Initiative and is governed by the Ohio Department of Medicaid and Gov. DeWine’s Family and Children First Cabinet Council. Families interested in learning about eligibility should contact the Aetna OhioRISE Member Hotline at 833-711-0773.

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